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One of the best things about owning a UTV is personalizing your ride with a wide range of aftermarket accessories. You can add a windshield, a lift kit, cool bumpers, light bars, turn signal kits, and more.

A winch is one of those must-have accessories. But you might not think about it until you’re stuck in the mud. Options include wire rope and synthetic rope.

Keep Moving. Tackling the trails and stirring up dust on the back roads is perhaps the best part about driving your 4×4 side-by-side. Sometimes those roads get a little muddy and a little rocky. Whether you purposely drive through a mud hole or push your ride to go down a rocky hill, things get stuck. If you’re alone on the trails in the middle of nowhere, things can get dicey fast. Add extreme cold or hot temperatures, and you can find yourself in real trouble. Having a durable winch allows you to quickly get unstuck without having to wait for help.

Solve Problems. Winches aren’t just for getting you out of a sticky or muddy situation. There are a lot of practical reasons for adding one to your UTV. If you’ve been on the hunt and made a nice kill, you know how difficult it can be to move your trophy when you’re up on a hill or heavy woods. Adding a winch to your UTV makes getting home a lot quicker and easier. Another practical reason for having a winch is to use it when clearing brush and removing tree stumps.

Be the Hero. It’s always a good time when you’re out riding the trails with family and friends. Until someone in the group gets stuck. Arriving with a winch can make you can be the hero who gets a friend or fellow 4×4 trail enthusiast get unstuck. You save the day, and helping out on the trail is good UTV etiquette.

Light Bars. If you’re doing a little night riding, or just need more lighting, a light bar is a smart upgrade.
This 60-watt 14″ light bar assembly (right) comes with everything needed to mount to your UTV. Up to 6000 lumens. Custom optical lens. Black extruded aluminum.

A 30″ light bar option offers 120 watts and up to 13,000 lumens.Turn Signal Kit. Safety is always a concern when riding in a side by side. Giving other riders the ability to know your intentions, even in daylight, is best. This kit contains a horn, turn signal pod, and tail light upgrade.

Rear Cargo Rack. A cargo rack enables you to carry extras to and from the hunting stand, as well as tools on the farm, supplies, or a cooler. All-welded, solid-steel assembly mounts on the back of the cab.