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Winter is when outdoor options decrease, days are short, and weekends can be about staying out of the cold. You could winterize your UTV for the season, but a UTV is not like an outboard when it’s below freezing. You have options! Especially with a wide-track footprint and plenty of ground clearance to get over and through the elements.

UTVs are for winter WORK. A workhorse vehicle is great when you have a few acres and jobs to get done in the cold. Your side-by-side 4×4 is great for covering more ground more quickly (less time in the cold). And you can load up with everything to get the work done. Driving a UTV with shift-on-the-fly 4WD and locking differentials (plus larger spindles, breaks, and bearings) helps you meet winter head on.

UTV Snow Plow

UTVs are for winter PLAY. Cold weather can’t stop you. There are lots of accessories you can add to upgrade the comfort of your side-by-side for winter trail riding. The woods and fresh powder are for UTV riding. Add a windshield, roof, or full enclosure to make the ride more enjoyable at faster speeds. If you really want to make things toasty, add a heater.

UTVs are for winter HUNTING. Getting stranded in the winter can turn life-threatening. Intimidator gas and diesel UTVs feature a 9-gallon tank to get back to camp or home. With an electric bed-dump, Intimidator UTVs make it easier and faster to unload cargo or game. The options for safe, secure firearm transport above-head, floor-mount and traditional cab back configurations.

Finally, UTVs are SAFE in winter. All Intimidator UTVs feature a powder-coated, fusion-bonded solid steel bridge frame, and a 5-piece “ROPS” (Roll Over Protection Service) with large diameter tubing. Other features include 3-point DOT-approved restraint belts, and a bumper/brush guard constructed of 1.75” diameter tubing.

Bottom line for winter weather? A 4×4 UTV with muscle, durability and versatility gives you the upper hand to do anything in the cold and snow.