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Utility vehicles have revolutionized hunting by opening up significantly more countryside and terrain than you can cover on foot. You also gain advantages from power and hauling capabilities. Not only can you bring a buddy along, you can throw your game right in the bed so you don’t have to drag it or pack it out on your back.

The right UTV will give you an edge during hunting season. Here are some ways UTVs will give you an advantage in the woods.

GO ELECTRIC? To achieve “stealth mode,” hunters are opting for an electric-powered UTV. The rap used to be that you sacrifice power and terrain-conquering ability if you go electric. But the old days of worrying about power, clearance, suspension and towing capacity with an electric UTV are gone. The Intimidator 48-volt brushless electric motor – delivering 120 pounds of peak torque – is a good promotion for today’s electric UTV.

POWER. The hunt is a good time to work smarter, not harder. So, driving through rugged terrain on a rugged UTV is the way to go. With features like 2,100 lbs. towing capacity and a 6-foot bed that easily transforms into a flatbed, a UTV like the Intimidator Truck Series is a good option.

HAULING. Not only will a UTV — for three persons or as many as six — let you carry more hunters, there is ample room in the bed to carry deer stands, deer corn, tools, hunting gear and more. The Intimidator Crew Series comfortably seats six adults in premium bench seats, and has a full-size bed to hold all of your hunting gear.

ACCESSORIES. The right additions transform a UTV from a capable outdoor vehicle into a specialized hunting machine. Intimidator UTVs, in particular, come standard with features that give you many advantages. Accessories like a winch, windshield, or roof rack come in handy. Extra lights are always useful on a UTV for hunting when bagging a big deer makes you late getting back. A camouflaged UTV cover is another smart move.

Take your hunting to another level with the purchase of a UTV that combines power, strength, and performance to help you get the job done. Test drives tell the story. Drive one at Benson Ace Hardware in Frederic.