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Are you considering an electric UTV, but have concerns about power, clearance, suspension, and towing capacity? Electric UTVs are getting better each year thanks to longer (battery) range and more capabilities. An electric UTV might be a fit for your on-site industrial application, inside a work facility, or for hunting.

Power and (battery) range are the most frequent shortcomings when it comes to quiet and environment-friendly electric motors. Don’t let the Intimidator’s 48-volt brushless electric motor fool you. There are plenty of reasons consumers are choosing electric, and I think the Intimidator Electric UTV is hands-down the best electric UTV available.

Here are some reasons to put the Intimidator Electric UTV on your list.

Power, Pull & Payload

  • 23 MPH top speed (depending on terrain
  • 120 pounds of peak torque
  • Battery packs hold twice the power of other models (and charge quickly)
  • 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes
  • 12” frame clearance
  • 77” wheelbase
  • 1,500-pound towing . . . 1,200-pound payload
  • 700-pound cargo bed capacity (with dump feature)

Safety. The Intimidator Electric UTV includes a 1.75” tubing bumper/brush guard, 3-point DOT-approved restraint belts and a powder-coated solid-steel bridge frame. The electric option is better for the environment, and it provides one of the industry’s safest UTV rides.

Comfort & Color. This electric Classic Series will be the most comfortable and attractive UTV you will ever drive. It features a three-person bench seat and exterior color choices that include orange, OD green, metallic black, as well as an upgrade package with Realtree® camo. The comfortable seats, construction quality and quiet ride will impress you.

Hunting Advantage. Quiet. Odorless. Two words on the mind of any hunter getting into the woods. For hunters who are disabled in any way, the Intimidator Electric UTV enables driving to and parking at your stand or ground blind . . . quietly and scent-free.

Maintenance. If you want to spend less time maintaining a UTV and more time driving it, electric is for you. Without the moving (wear and tear) parts of a gas engine, maintenance is easier. An electric UTV uses no drive belts, for example. The motor is direct-drive into the same transmission Intimidator uses for gas vehicles. Bottom line: No need to change spark plugs, fuel filters, or oil filters.

Whether you’re looking for a 4×4 side-by-side to use indoors or outside to work, play or hunt, I’m confident Intimidator will change the way you feel about electric 4×4 UTVs.

Benson Ace buyer says Intimidator Electric UTV conquers hills for quiet hunting
“You want less vehicle noise for deer hunting. But most electric models basically are glorified golf carts, with not nearly enough power. Especially on the steep hills of Buffalo County, WI. With only one week before hunting season, I decided on the cab and the accessories. Zac called the factory, and they delivered it to Frederic the Wednesday before hunting. We took it out in the first snow as a test, and I was skeptical. But we drove up and down those hills, and still had 70% battery left. You can’t hear it just 20 yards off the trail.”