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After two years as a dealer for Arkansas-based Intimidator 4×4 utility vehicles, we have collected some honors. Intimidator recently recognized Benson Ace as its #2 dealer. We are also the largest Intimidator dealer in the Midwest. The results came from doing a bunch of homework to determine which brand gives our customers the quality, performance, and value we require of every major product in the store.

We service and repair all brands of UTVs, along with lots of other power equipment. So, we have formed some strong opinions about this category. I researched Intimidator, Polaris, Honda, and Can-Am. To land on the brand we would be most excited to have for Benson Ace customers, I looked most closely at engineering, durability, performance, and value.

Not all UTVs are created equal. This chart includes research we used to make a decision. The clear winner emerged for me. I think it will for you, too.

UTV Feature Chart

I’ve noticed something I also hear from UTV shoppers. One well-known brand has a reputation for getting attention by putting a “base” sticker price (no added features) on a fully featured vehicle. If you have to pay another several thousand dollars to make a UTV the right fit, the sticker price might be misleading,

To make an apples-to-apples comparison, I based my research on a model-and-features combination that represents a similar UTV across the four brands. A 1000cc gas engine for power, plus a selection of specifications and features that result in a well-equipped UTV. Not the lowest-price configuration, but not the highest-priced option.

The Intimidator brand is relatively new to the market (2013). The best-known brands get the most attention. But I think you see how Benson Ace made its decision. We emphasized:

  • Power and durability
  • Emphasis heavy-duty construction
  • Premium components as standard
  • Multiple models and packages to create the right fit
  • Lots of style

Getting to a customer’s personal story is important to a good UTV fit. When any of us look at a major purchase the first time, it’s possible we don’t know what we don’t know. I ask lots of questions and use a wide lens to talk about which UTV style – or power, or feature, or accessory – is the best match.

If you would like to learn more about UTVs, we are happy to help you determine the product that is right for you.