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You’re in the market for a tough, reliable, long-lasting UTV that is also a good value for the price. I firmly believe Intimidator is the best UTV — and the best value — on the market. That’s why Benson Ace Hardware became the exclusive Intimidator dealer for a large portion of Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin. We selected the UTV brand that best meets the standards that our customers expect.

Durability, Quality and Value. When we looked at adding a UTV product, I was familiar with other brands and had a point of reference. As a certified mechanic, I went into the process with my own opinion on what works and doesn’t work in a UTV. I knew that Intimidator came from the same folks who developed Bad Boy lawn mowers, which Benson Ace also carries. As a result, I knew the key design principles and manufacturing standards would be the same as the Bad Boy brand: durability, quality, and value for the money.

Our UTV customers tell us that the Intimidator brand “doesn’t cut corners.” From knowing what UTVs look like at the component level, I notice the same thing. The factory sources the best components. Not just for function, but to get the highest quality from that function. It’s the size of the brake rotors. The size of the A-arms. The 1.85-inch square American steel frame that’s the heaviest-gauge in the industry. Body parts are made from rotomolded plastic, which utilizes an internal support structure that won’t shatter or break in extreme cold temperatures.

Intimidator builds UTVs with as many standard automotive-grade parts as it can. Those automotive-grade materials and components compare to lower-grade, less costly parts that other UTV manufacturers use to reduce manufacturing cost and maximize profits. This makes Intimidator much more durable, and easier to maintain and service. Some UTV makers build vehicles to function. It’s an entirely different approach to design and build a vehicle to function at a higher level of quality and performance. Your UTV will be ready for anything because the factory standard at Intimidator is components that are oversize, extra sturdy, and superior quality.

Your UTV  is about fun, but it’s more than just a big toy. It needs to be tough and reliable. You might also need it to haul, pull, transport, and work. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on a UTV, only to face expensive repairs within a short period of time. Intimidator research and development took that into consideration when deciding to make a UTV with over-sized, automotive-style components throughout its machines.

A Versatile UTV for Every Use. A utility vehicle should work hard, make your job easier and, with regular maintenance, last many, many years. You want your UTV to handle any kind of work and play you have in mind, year after year, without needing high-buck repairs. From my research and comparisons, I concluded that Intimidator UTVs are engineered at a high level, are built to last, and I can stand behind the brand with great confidence. You should be confident an Intimidator is ready for anything the farm, the woods, or mother nature can throw at you.

Access to the Factory. I’m also in direct contact with the Intimidator factory. (Which is NOT how it works with the other brands.) That means you have a direct line to the factory. We’re not just numbers to Intimidator.

If you’re in the market for a side-by-side 4×4, and you want the best UTV for your money, I believe that Intimidator is what you need to see and drive. Thanks to years of research and development bringing a new UTV to market, I think Intimidator designs and builds the highest-quality, highest-value UTVs on the market.