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TAKE $3,000 OFF an Intimidator!

We might be steaming into Spring sooner than later, so let’s do it right. With an Intimidator 4x4 UTV $3,000 INSTANT CASH REBATE available ONLY at Benson POWER. We’re talking the American-made 1000cc Intimidator GC1K. Which we believe is the toughest, most reliable, and most powerful UTV that you can own. 

HERE’S THE SCOOP. We’ll jump off with a $2,000 instant rebate from Intimidator. But that’s just a start. Benson POWER will take an additional $1,000 off. For a total savings of $3000. PLUS . . . get a second year of warranty coverage at no cost. That’s another $1000 value. 

That makes the total package worth $4,000. We also have 0% financing for 48 months O.A.C.

The $3000 INSTANT REBATE offer is good on Intimidator standard cab, crew cab, and truck configurations. While they last. Click "Ask Zac" below, or call/text Zac at 715-327-8015. He's always ready to talk about why Intimidator is the only UTV brand that Benson POWER carries. 

Is There an INTIMIDATOR 4x4 in Your Future?

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Everything About the Intimidator 4x4 Line-Up 

2024 Intimidator Catalog

The INTIMIDATOR 4X4 side-by-side is only at Benson POWER 


Designed to give you more bank for your buck, Intimidator 4x4 utility vehicles come with 10 premium components as standard. That's a $6500 value!

Stop by Benson POWER in Frederic to see the Intimidator standard premium components for yourself. 

What do INTIMIDATOR buyers tell Benson POWER about their UTVs?

Jeff (Mondovi, WI)

"You want less vehicle noise to deer hunt. But most electric UTVs are glorified golf carts, with not nearly enough power. I almost bought a Polaris electric, but heard the battery power wouldn't last. We took the Intimidator Electric out in the first snow. It was 20 degrees, and I was skeptical. But we drove it up and down steep hills and still had 70% battery left. You can't hear it just 20 yards off the trail. Intimidator is more heavily built -- and so much beefier -- than Polaris. Plus, because it's taller and wider than a Polaris electric, there's room for three instead of only two."

Jeff (Mondovi, WI) - 10/1/2020
Unit Description: Intimidator Electric 48v
Bruce (Webster, WI)

"The price was fair. UTVs all seem to be in the same general area on price, but Intimidator is much better built. In fact, it's built like a brick-you-know-what. You can see the quality in the welds and the thickness of the steel. It's U.S.-made, from the Bad Boy family of mowers, which is a reputable brand that Zac Benson also sells."

Bruce (Webster, WI) - 10/1/2020
Unit Description: GC1K
Cory (Maple Grove, MN)

"My Intimidator is bigger, heavier, and sturdier. Those things can be a double-edged sword in terms of price, and my Intimidator is not at the low end. But at least I can see where the money is going. Why a crew series? It carries the entire family. Safely."

Cory (Maple Grove, MN) - 10/1/2020
Unit Description: GC1K Crew

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Have You Seen America's Newest Crossover UTV? 

Intimidator ingenuity and creativity has taken the high-end golf cart concept to an entirely new level, creating the eNVY. Which, in turn, created a new side-by-side UTV category: The Neighborhood Vehicle. This ultra-quiet A/C machine will get some major attention whether you're golfing, cruising the neighborhood with your family, or putting it to work. 

Check out three models of the eNVY online here and (exclusively) at Benson Ace Hardware. See why the eNVY is different from the crossover competition. 

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Custom-Made SoftCab for Intimidator GC1K

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