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Cub Cadet Makes You Wish For a Bigger Lawn

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XT1® Enduro Series™  46” / 50”

Where power meets performance. IntelliPower™ engine technology creates consistent XT1 Enduro mowing performance by improving the efficiency of the engine to allow for more power under strenuous conditions like tall wet grass or heavy snow. Providing up to 20% more available power results in less bogging down and more consistent cuts. 

XT2® Enduro Series™  42” / 46” / 50” / 54”

The XT2 Enduro, packed with premium features, delivers even higher levels of power, control, and durability. A strong 21.5 HP Kawasaki engine for reliable power. Heavy-duty fabricated AeroForce™ deck with FastAttach cutting system. Fewer clumps and stragglers, finer clippings, and increased evenness. 

XT1 Enduro Series Cub Cadet

XT2 Enduro Series Cub Cadet

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Cub Cadet XT Enduro is Where Power Meets Performance

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