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To enter the PAINT or DIY sweepstakes drawing:

    1. Complete the information form below. Include a description of the PAINT or DIY project.
    2. Using the first "Choose Files" button, upload a cell phone photo of Benson Ace sales receipt.
    3. Using the second "Choose Files" button, upload 2-4 cell phone photos of your PAINT or other DIY project.

We draw $100 winners each month. Enter again when you take on another project. Your entry stays in the sweepstakes drawing, even if you don't win this month. 

NOTE: You will receive an email confirmation that your submission has been received. If you have problems with the online entry below, please email all of the same information (including a sales receipt photo and project photos) to: sweepstakes@Benson-Ace.com.

Thank you. And good luck!

Upload a cell phone camera photo (.jpg format) of your Benson Ace SALES RECEIPT.

Maximum upload file size: 3MB

Upload 2-4 cell phone camera photos (.jpg format) of your PAINT or other DIY project.

Maximum upload file size: 3MB

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