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There’s never been a better time to buy an American-made Intimidator 4×4 UTV. The plant in Arkansas has put together its most versatile side-by-side line-up ever. And there’s ZERO PERCENT financing. I’ve been an Intimidator dealer for two years now. I’m more confident than ever that there is a model that’s right for every use and every budget.

The Classic, Crew Cab and Truck UTVs come with the 750cc Kohler® gas engine or the 1000cc Kohler® diesel engine.

  • Classic Series.  A great entry-level model, but it still packs a punch with the 750cc or 1000cc engine. (The Classic is also available with a 48-volt electric engine.) Premium bench seats and headrests for three adult passengers are standard. The bed can carry up to 1,200 pounds. Towing capacity is 2,100 pounds.
  • Crew Cab Series. If you’re in the market for a side-by-side large enough for the entire family, or to transport hunting buddies, test drive the Crew Cab. For only $2,000 more, you double seating capacity to six passengers. The full-size bed can hold up to 1,000 pounds of cargo. Same 2,100-pound towing capacity.
  • Truck Series. Key standard features include a 6-foot black, powder-coated aluminum truck bed that folds down to a flatbed that can handle 1,200 pounds. LED headlights, premium bench seats and headrests are standard. With a 2,100-pound tow capacity, Intimidator combined the features of a UTV and a truck bed to make a powerful, rugged and multi-purpose 4×4 that stands out.

You Might Want to Step Up to Play/Work at a ‘GC1K’ Level

‘GC’ stands for Game Changer. The ‘1K’ designation refers to the industry-leading 1000cc engine.

GC1K Series is the first model, with an industry-leading 83 horsepower engine, plus a heavy-duty frame, 67 pounds of torque, and speeds up to 65 MPH. Get the GC1K in a base model or choose from three options packages.

GC1K Crew Series offers the same power as the GC1K Series, plus it handles six passengers. If you’re headed into the woods or working the farm, the GC1K Crew has the horsepower and towing capacity you need to get the job done. The automotive-style headlights come standard with both high and low beams.

The versatile GC1K Truck Series – all new in 2020 – has high-end horsepower, speed, and towing capacity. Standard tires front and rear are 8-ply radials (28 x 10.5 x 14). EPS-assisted rack and pinion steering is also standard. The largest bed in the UTV industry (70 x 60 x 14) has fold-down sides to increase bed size. Other standard features: two heavy-duty toolboxes, reverse lights, and electric bed dump.

You really need to experience Intimidator American-made UTVs and how they compare to more established brands. Come by Benson Ace Hardware to see the the heavy-duty ruggedness and value up close. The next test drive is yours.