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Now at Benson POWER! More Traction!

Rubber Track Conversions for UTVs and ATVs

Benson POWER can help you make tracks on any terrain. With rubber track conversions for any UTV side-by-side or ATV. American-made MATTRACKS systems continue our tradition to bring only the best quality, engineering innovation, and value to customers enjoying the UTV and ATV life.

MATTRACKS keeps you mobile on any extra-challenging terrain. Conversions retain the same turning radius as the original vehicle, while adding extra ground clearance and flotation. For unbelievable traction on mud, sand, and snow. As well as a smooth ride on hard surfaces. 

Check-in at Benson POWER to see what's possible when you put a set of tracks on your ATV or UTV. 

MATTRACKS options for UTVs and ATVs include the EZ series (non-suspension) and the XT series (with suspension). 



More about MATTRACKS  

> MATTRACKS operates in Karlstad, MN, located in the northwest corner of the state. The company began building and selling track systems in 1994.

> The tracks concept originated in the mind of the founder's 11-year-old son, "Matt." He drew a large truck with tracks instead of tires, and asked: "Could we make something like this?" 

> Today, the company operates R&D, testing, fabrication, and assembly facilities covering more than 160,000 square feet. MATTRACKS sells more than 100 models in more than 100 countries on all seven continents. Across sport utility, automotive, farming, commercial, and many other industries.

Straight from Zac Benson:

MATTRACKS developed the LITEFOOT track system specific to UTVs and ATVs as an addition to the original track products that primarily covered automotive applications like trucks and SUVs.
"I think LITEFOOT delivers some of the most comprehensive UTV- and ATV-specific design and engineering that you will see in this industry. The integration of everything from the drive system and the suspension to the track wheels and the track itself is remarkable. And the performance reflects the expertise that is unique to MATTRACKS."

** Click HERE to visit the MATTRACKS website **

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