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The All-Electric 2x2 Adventure Bike by UBCO

Benson POWER is building a motor sports and outdoor power equipment business on brands and products that excel in engineering, performance, user experience, and value. The all-electric, all-wheel drive UBCO Adventure Bike is in our showroom for all those reasons. 

Ready for Adventure On- and Off-Road

Fun and easy to ride on city streets, muddy fields, or gravel trails

Save $1,000

Special Benson POWER pricing: $3,999. Plus 0% financing.

BikeTrek, camp, hunt, fish, work . . . or get a bottle of milk from down the road. With an UBCO Adventure Bike, you're ready for any adventure. All-wheel drive (AWD) to navigate rough terrain with ease. Enough carry capacity to bring the cooler, rods, and the cooking gear. Plus, going electric means you can enjoy nature without disturbing the peace.

  • All-wheel drive. A motor for each wheel.
  • 30 mph top speed. Up to 75-miles on a charge.
  • 330-lb payload
  • 4-6 hours charge time

The Versatile Adventure-Maker

> Go camp. Get wild. With a range up to 75 miles, you can enjoy new far-off places while enjoying the sound of nature. With a total carry weight of 330 pounds you can take the bigger tent, the cooler,  and the extra pots. 

> Take it along. The UBCO Adventure Bike is conveniently lightweight. It's easy to lift onto your van, truck, or RV. Make your RV or campsite home base . . . and then explore up to 75 miles per charge.

> Just twist and go. No clutch. No gears. No emissions. The electric motors in each wheel provide excellent traction and acceleration. Perfect for stopping, starting and weaving both on- and off-road. 

Check out this UBCO Adventure Bike unboxing video from Zac

A good example of the personal (Zac) standards that a brand and product must meet in order to be on the showroom floor at Benson POWER. 

Straight from Zac Benson:

"The UBCO Adventure Bike is the real deal among electric motor bikes. The smooth ride comes from power to both wheels, adjustable front and rear suspension, and a low center of gravity for greater stability. It's easy to maintain an upright position across sloping and difficult terrain. And with no clutch to worry about, all you do is hop on, twist the throttle, and go."

** Click HERE to visit the UBCO Adventure Bike website **

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