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All-Terrain Vehicles from Engine Innovator TGB

Benson POWER made an easy decision when we added an ATV brand that meets the high engineering, quality standards, and value that got us to the Intimidator UTV.

We went with TGB Motor Company, the manufacturer that Intimidator choose to supply the world-class 1000cc V-twin four-stroke beast that powers our best-selling Intimidator GC1K 4x4 side-by-side vehicles.

We guarantee you’ll want to see and experience the TGB all-terrain vehicles.

Does Your Future Include a TGB ATV?

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BLADE 600 SE.X-EPS (Gray) 




More about TGB ATVs

> Frequent ATV of the Year winner in Europe.

> Since 1978, one of the world's leading makers of ATVs, scooter, engine sets, and key components like the continuously variable transmission (CVT), electronic power steering (EPS), A-arms, and brakes. 

> For the past 50 years, a trusted partner-supplier to many well known motor sports brands manufactured in North America, Japan, and Europe. 

Straight from Zac Benson:

"We are very particular about the recreational vehicles and power equipment that you find at Benson POWER. If the brand is here, it's because it makes a statement on engineering, production quality, and our customer's experience. Those are the reasons -- along with safety, stability and price -- that we added ATVs from TGB."

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