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GC1K Accessories Exclusively From Benson POWER

Custom GC1K Soft Enclosure 

Intimidator customers asked for it. So we designed a customized soft cab for the GC1K. Available for regular cab and crew cab. 
Intimidator is all about premium components at standard prices. So the new GC1K SoftCab from Benson POWER is rugged, durable, and easy to install or remove.
Regular Cab: $1,000. Shipping included.
Crew Cab: $1,500. Shipping included.
Also available without the rear window. Subtract $200 from original prices. 
Prices include a free storage bag. 

To order a GC1K SoftCab, contact Zac Benson
Text: 845/242-9082
e-mail: zbenson@Benson-Ace.com

Also From Benson POWER

Under-Seat Heat Shield

NEW! An under-seat heat shield developed for the Intimidator GC1K.
Made from heavy-duty material rated to 1,800 degrees. Product testing using infrared camera shows significant improvements preventing or lowering the temperature of typical "hot spots" created by normal engine heat infiltration into the cab. 
Price: $250. Shipping included. 
Easy to self-install. Allows easy access to the engine. We designed the shield to stay in place when moving the seat in and out of the cab.

To order a GC1K heat shield, contact Zac Benson
Text: 845/242-9082
e-mail: zbenson@Benson-Ace.com

Intimidator customers like the new heat shield.

"It works great! The heat that was coming up from under the seat has been greatly reduced. Also the engine noise has been reduced! It makes riding much more enjoyable! Great job."
"Easy to install. Significantly reduced heat from the engine compartment."
"Amazing product! Cut at least 80% of the heat from the cab from the motor."

NEW! at Benson POWER

The Ultratec 22301L UTV Trailer

The Ultratec Lite Trailer (Retail: $999) is the perfect lightweight and agile solution when you need a simple and effective transport solution to combine with your UTV. Carry soil, firewood, gravel, or anything else you want to move. To accommodate longer loads, the trailer end panels are removable to carry objects up to 10 feet long.
A swivel tongue helps maintain balance when the terrain is uneven. A great assist with loose materials like gravel, sand, and dirt. The removable end panels and dump bed make it easy to unload.
With the platform hinge close to the center of the trailer, you can tip the bed manually. Even when the load is heavy. The Ultratec Lite Trailer is rated for loads up to 1,500 lbs. 

Do You Know . . .

Benson POWER can help turn any UTV or ATV into a snow removal machine. Click here for information on snow plow and snowblower attachments for UTVs and ATVs. Featuring products from Rammy, Denali, and Blackline. 
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